Music and Politics Revamp Featured Image

Facelift For New Episode! ~ Music & Politics

Production wrapped on our first episode, we got feedback, and we decided to push the color and feel in a more ‘political/U.S.A.’ direction.  Again, all 3D elements were constructed, animated, textured, and rendered in Blender 2.62a.  The Music & Politics logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator CS6, and finalized in Photoshop CS6. Douglas Caballero brings […]

Music & Politics ~ Sweet 3D GFX (Subject To Change)

In collaboration with Producer/Actor/Journalist Douglas Caballero, I present to you The Young Turks’ newest show: Music & Politics.  Our first episode explores the realities surrounding Paul Ryan, recently selected as the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, and his love for the highly left-ist band Rage Against The Machine.  This show will continue to bring to light […]

My trip to Weed, CA

Weed, CA, was home to the second annual 4 & 20 Blackbird music festival this past weekend.  Located just south of the state of Oregon, it is situated in the western edge of the Rocky Mountains, making for some stunning scenery.  The town is home to the festival’s founder, and world-renowned producer, Silvia Massy.  Her production […]

New Photos from Tim, on Flickr

I recently purchase the newly released Canon Rebel T4i (the first DLSR I’ve ever owned), and now have photo-fever.  Thanks to a friend/co-worker of mine, I learned that Facebook claims to legally own any material you upload to it.  Therefore, I decided to swap Facebook albums for the long-standing photo sharing website Flickr. Forever mine: […]